About us

Smart Line Group is a company of smart ideas

Happiness is an internal state of a human, when you feel, that you mind your own business which you love and know, which fully involves all your abilities and talents.

Only happy people work in our company as day by day we do what comes out the best of us – we create new ideas, implement thereof into life and fill them with substance.

For us there is nothing like seeing the process of implementation into life of an idea which yesterday seemed impossible. We know this felling. We cannot live without it. Thus our ideas are always realized =)

Our services:

  • Chilli events
  • Rich marketing
  • Ripe concierge
  • Our advantages

    • We conduct full complex of works related to promotion of companies that are our clients: from idea generation, branding, concepts development to their implementation.
    • We always remember that the main criterion for estimation of any idea is its financial success after its implementation into business.
    • We do not create ideas for the purpose of ideas. We know how to combine uniqueness with practicability.

    One can create many different figures with the help of lines. Only smart lines create special and unique images.
    Smart Line – Smart Decisions.

  • Contacts

    Czech Republic

    140000, Prague 4 – KrZ, Cherchanska 619/3


    1010, Vienna, Wipplingerstrasse 21/9a


    Avenue Ricardo Soriano 72,
    portal B1, office 23,
    Marbella, Malaga, Spain 29601


    LV-1046, Rīga, Alīses iela 6-40


    04071, Kyiv 17/8, Nizny Val str.