Rich marketing

Today’s advertising market is a complicated game: surprises and unexpected turns are at every step.

World around us is changing: there appear new services, devices, we watch TV series instead of movies, YouTube teasers instead of TV series and short looping video clips instead of teasers.

People themselves are changing: we are constantly in a hurry to somewhere, afraid of making incorrect choice, wish to receive all the best and at the same time as promptly as possible. Customers’ attention is highly disseminated.

While creating advertising product in such conditions, it is necessary to think smartly – to learn the space and targeted audience, understand client’s goals and tasks, evaluate prospective and competitors, add something new, fresh, however certainly foolproof as a green apple – a symbol of “sound” marketing planning and rich ideas.


Creative input

  • Development of events’ and PR-campaigns’ concepts
  • Production of creative concepts
  • Slogans creation
  • Naming
  • Writing scenarios for TV and radio-teasers
  • Generation of ideas for exterior and printed advertisement

Design and production

  • Conceptual creation and implementation of brand visual communication and production
  • Design and production of souvenir products
  • Web- and multimedia design and production: websites, presentations, internet-banners etc.
  • Design and production of in-house magazines, booklets, annual statements, infographics
  • Video production


Events are very serious and important occurrences for both companies and individuals:

  • press events
  • events for partners, clients, dealers and distributors
  • special events (festivals premiums

    concerts public events)

  • corporate events for company



Strategic planning

  • Development of complex communication campaigns
  • Loyalty programs for clients
  • Development and implementation of PR-strategies
  • Development of ATL-, BTL- strategies
  • Media planning
  • Media placement

Digital marketing

  • Strategic planning, creative for integrated marketing campaigns
  • Implementation of advertising digital campaigns
  • Development and promotion in social media
  • Web design
  • Mobile applications
  • Interactive projects
  • Video production

Customer Loyalty Programs Management

    Today, your best business opportunities for growth may not lie solely
    in developing new products or services. Building real customer
    relationship through Customer Loyalty Programs is the intelligent
    response to increasing competitive challenges. We can help you
    in planning, developing and deploying your exclusive Customer
    Loyalty Program.



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